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We build our website with great care, to show you the dedication and love we have for our work: capturing the unrepeatable moments, so that you can remember them and relive them with the same emotion of the big day.


The photographs, and even more the video, are the family memory that you will share with your future generations. An invaluable memory, auditory and visual.


Write us to answer all your questions. We would love to be part of your story.


We hope to meet you soon,


Cintya & Bruno

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Opinions of our clients:

The best!

It is the best in the world. Quality, creativity, vision ... everything a good photographer needs to capture the best moments. The work you do is the best cost-benefit ratio. If you put aside all the pyrotechnics of the rest of the services, Cintia surpasses any service they offer for the perfect moments, not only the ones it captures, but the ones it builds. She has a camera on her eye.

Andrea and Armando, Wedding 07/12/19

Super good option!

Our experience with Cin was perfect. He took the time to see us before the ceremony and to go see the place. At the wedding, he was present at all the special moments. We recommend it 100%!

Aranza and Renato, Wedding 09/28/19

Excellent photography and video service

Excellent photographs and very special attention on the day of the event, very good Cintya and Bruno.

Nadia and Gabriel, Wedding 09/21/19

Professionalism, kindness and dedication

From the beginning, when the first contact, they attended our request with total availability and kindness, always adjusting to our requirements. They were always willing to share their experience and advise us so that everything was perfect.

Once in practice, they were in total contact with us, making us feel calm and comfortable. The sessions were perfect and with a completely professional handling.

Based on that, we can say that we are satisfied and happy, and we gladly recommend them widely.

Thank you so much for everything!

Anabel and Daniel, Wedding 07/20/19

Thanks for your great work

Loving what you do results in an excellent job, thank you so much for capturing our moment with passion and joy Cin and Bruno an excellent team.

Adriana and Fernando, Wedding 06/15/19

Wedding Ana and Roberto

I have always thought that you should click with the people you work with for this great day and without a doubt since the first call it happened with Cin. I loved his work and can't wait to see it finished. Thank you for making the best memories of the most important day of our life.

Ana and Roberto, Wedding 06/08/19

I love our photos

Cinthya was always super friendly and professional, we are in love with our photos. I recommend it 1000%
They did a beautiful job, every time we see our photos we relive our wedding.

Daniela and Javier, Wedding 06/01/19

Good service

From the beginning Cinthya is very understanding with the needs of each couple, it is easy to work with her and her team.

Fabiola and Miguel, Wedding 05/25/19

The best wedding for the best photographers

From the first moment they inspired us with confidence. And when he showed us his work we were fascinated. All the photos are beautiful. Thank you.

Wuendy and David, Wedding 03/23/19

Thank you for making our day transcend in time

Selecting our photographer was almost one of the last things we did, weeks leading up to our special day.
I don't think I could have made a better choice. Thank you Cinthia for your professionalism, your details, everything. The quality of the photos was wonderful, they knew how to capture all our moments (thanks for the recommendations, location selection, everything) and save them for history. I would definitely recommend your work.

Barbara and Henry, Wedding 01/18/19

Excellent photographers!

Very good people, excellent in their work ... We hire photography and video and a photo booth. From the previous session the incredible treatment, a lot of patience ... All very well! They took a while to deliver for health reasons ... but it was worth the wait! Thank you very much and keep growing!

Paty and Rodo, Wedding 11/17/18

The best choice!

Without a doubt, hiring Cin and her team was the best investment of our wedding. From the moment we “clicked” and they understood perfectly what we wanted. They are super professional and attentive, they also have that flexibility to adapt to what they are looking for and whatever budget they have without sacrificing quality.
Cintya gave us more than 600 photos of our wedding and all the comments we have received have been positive. What we loved the most is that the photos they captured are super spontaneous and when you see them you feel the same happiness as that day. We definitely recommend them!

Adriana and Carlos, Wedding 11/17/18

Simply ideal!

Cin San Photography, is an ideal option for such a special day, they are professional, punctual and friendly from the beginning. Even though my partner and I are not fans of photos, Cin San made us feel comfortable, and they were in every important moment of our wedding. We still have a few days to see the photos, however, we know that we will be delighted with the result. Without a doubt it is the best photography and video service that we could choose, thank you.

Cassandra and Alex, Wedding 11/10/18

"Simply the best

Cin San Photo & Video offers you an excellent service from the beginning. His response is immediate, and the first thing is to make an appointment to meet and discuss details about what is expected of the service, as well as schedules and others so that everything goes perfect. And yes, everything turns out perfect, because they are a team committed to capturing the best moments of your life. Cin San adjusts to your budget, and is always aware of what its client wants and needs. They will truly be delighted with the way you capture those special moments. Do not hesitate to contact them. My husband, I, and all of our friends and family were delighted. "

Karen and Angel, Wedding 06/23/18

"Excellent attention and service

Very good option for photography and video. They respond almost immediately and are always aware of what you want. We really liked their work, they are always very friendly and open to requests and opinions. "

Gaby and Víctor, Wedding 06/02/18

"Excellent service

With the Cin San team we clicked from the first moment, on the day of the event they arrived super early and made us feel very comfortable, highly recommended, very professional. Thanks for everything guys. "

Marina and Jesus, 04/14/18

"The best photographer I have ever met, she is full of ideas, the attention from her and her team is the best. Very nice and very accessible, recommended to 100000"

Beatriz and Eduardo, Wedding 09/30/17

"Cin is a great girl, with many ideas and innovation in her work, I have not received my photobook yet but she did not doubt that it will be a great job. All the time she was attentive to the details and helping me with the arrangement of my dress for perfect photos . Super moved and never sat down! "

Monica López, Wedding 04/22/17

"Excellent service, great photos, great attention. I'm really happy I found Cin to capture the best moments of the best day of my life and the price is worth it!"

Maritza Cortés, 04/08/17

"I loved Cin's work. She helped us a lot even in things that had nothing to do with the photos (which we appreciate very much), we definitely have some beautiful photos, she captured all the details I see our photos and I go back to the big day. "

Lilia Berrún, Wedding 06/10/17

"Excellent attention from Cintya, she was a great support during our wedding, paying attention to all the details and guiding us in everything we need. The photos were super good, with great quality. We definitely recommend her."

David Loza, Wedding 06/10/17

"The service is excellent and personalized. Cintya listens to your concerns and adapts to what you need. Her work is sensational, she has very beautiful photos and manages to capture casual moments and give them a totally professional touch.
The packages it offers are very complete and at a good price. The quality is top. My husband and I were pleased with our choice of photography. "

Diana Serna, Wedding 07/22/17

"The service was excellent, from the quotes sent on time and clear and with an excellent warmth from Cin San to the delivery of the photos, they were beautiful, divine and as required. The quality of the photos is exquisite , the unimaginable moments, the perfect variety of images and we didn't even notice that she was there when she took the photos. "

Ariadna G. Dessavre, Wedding 07/07/17

"Cintya is excellent! The email communication was fast. Her packages are flexible and the price is very reasonable. She is a very good person and she was very pleasant to deal with. Of course the photos were very nice."

Elizabeth Ramírez, Wedding 06/17/17

"Raúl and I are more than satisfied with the work of Cin San Photo, Cintya is super professional and delivers a great job with a lot of quality, without a doubt we will use her service again."

Erika Jaramillo, Wedding 05/26/17

"Excellent 100% professional and super friendly service, at all times she was attentive to the details of the XV years! It adapts to what you need. Thank you very much Cin for your attitude and disposition."

Yexhova Cruz, godmother of photo, XV years 04/01/17

"Excellent! A really professional job, the best choice, captured every incredible moment, seeing the photos is reliving the Moment � ... thank you Cintya for giving us a love story to remember �� ..." "The best option and a incredible work, the most memorable moments of your big day are definitely captured in an image, from start to finish, very punctual and patient. Thank you for making it possible. "

Andrea Ávalos, Wedding 03/03/17

"Excellent photography of 10 I highly recommend her, excellent attitude and explores many ways to give a special touch to the moment."

Sergio Arturo Rodríguez Portillo, Previous Session, Religious / Civil Wedding and Trash the Dress Session. 2016 and 2017.

"Apart from being an excellent photographer, she makes me feel very comfortable in every shoot."

Zeny Pontes, Previous Session 08/29/16, Civil Wedding 11/25/16 and Religious Wedding 02/18/17

"Excellent service. Very good photos, always on time. All the patience in the world to explain how to pose.

A thousand thanks for everything to Cin and all her teams. 100% recommended. "

José Ángel Fernández, Previous Session 08/29/16, Civil Wedding 11/25/16 and Religious Wedding 02/18/17

"Cin San Photography was a great choice. From the first contact it was clear and flexible, it suited our budget. When we did the Save the date session it was a lot of fun and its ideas were original. We had only hired the photography service for the event , but when we saw the results of this first session we were very satisfied that we decided to hire another service: video. Without a doubt, a great option to immortalize the emotion of those beautiful moments. "

Edith Castillo, Wedding 02/11/17

"Cin San's work is wonderful, highly recommended, zero poses with very spontaneous photos. All her work is super professional."

Viridiana Hernández, Baptism and Session with Andrea, 02/04/17

"I definitely recommend this beautiful girl. She did the shots perfectly and also gave me what I needed for my video and photos. Communication was difficult because of us. But she waited for me and supported me a lot on such an important day. Thank you!"

Ivon Romo de Vívar, Wedding 01/21/17

"Thanks to Cintya we have the best wedding moments captured for life! You will certainly not regret hiring Cintya!
Cin: Thank you very much for all the support you gave us since we met you, definitely from our first talk we clicked, you understood what we were looking for, you were aware of the details, you advised us. We love our wedding and Trash the drees photos, thank you so much! "

Elizabeth Elizalde, 01/20/17

"The best photography provider, he made us feel with all the confidence in the world, zero fake poses, zero misalignments. The best to keep the details of our wedding forever. Thank you Cin."

Martha Rivero, Wedding 12/17/17

"We were happy with his work. He captured the important moments very well. The photos look super artistic and original. Excellent work and attitude. We were fascinated and happy. Thank you Cin San"

Margot Gómez, Wedding 02/12/17

"Cyntia photographed our wedding wonderfully! Initially we exchanged a few emails explaining what we were looking for; we finally got together and immediately realized that she is very easy to talk to and we get along very well which was super important to us. Cyntia is very friendly and professional! The package we hired included the session from the preparation of the bride to the end of the party and video. On our wedding day it arrived at the agreed time to start with the getting ready session of the bride and we loved it because came to work, but like it was family! During the first look session with the groom and the photos with the family, Cyntia quickly and creatively accommodated us using elements of the garden where the party was. From the ceremony to the end of the party, she captured every single moment we wanted and many more. We never had to try to find her, she was always close to capturing everything and ready to even take some quick photo. Finally, after the agreed time we received the photos which were more than expected and with incredible shots in addition to the video that is also very well done and all at a very competitive price. We definitely made the best decision when choosing Cyntia to capture our wedding; we are very grateful to her and we sincerely recommend her for her great work. "

Guiu and Carlos, Wedding 10/22/16

"The attention was excellent, the creativity for the photos is also excellent, they capture everything relevant and meaningful, they are very proactive and participatory. The quality of the photos and deliveries is also very good. The only flaw I found was the amount of photos, but the ones there are of high quality, so I didn't care. "

Sebastián Hernández, Wedding 08/10/16

"Since I met Cinthia there was an immediate click, she perfectly understood the style of photos we were looking for, which was editorial and vintage. She gave us multiple suggestions and advice so that everything would be as we wanted, the wedding day was super accessible, professional and personable. We loved the result and the photos far exceeded what I expected, the cost-benefit ratio is definitely worth every penny. "

Elienay Arista, Wedding 09/17/16

"Cin is an excellent person and photographer, highly recommended. The photos of my wedding were all divine !!! I am really very happy and satisfied for having hired the services of Cin San Photo & Video, the best arrangement and service that I could have expected from excellent price! "

Jeanette Loyola, Wedding 09/24/16

"Cintya is a great photographer! She has an excellent eye and makes beautiful compositions. Each event portrays it differently and listens to what is desired. It is a great mix between quality and service. Highly recommended."

Pamela Garduño, Wedding 09/10/16

"Cintia is an excellent person and photographer. She became not only our wedding provider but also our friend. We appreciate your fine attention. I could definitely recommend her. Husband and I are happy with her work."

Alicia Castro, Wedding 03/19/16

"If you are looking for a complete photography and video service, I highly recommend the CinSan team, since you contact them you receive a super friendly treatment and committed to your event, I loved that such professional people were part of my wedding, they did an excellent job , without a doubt the best, thanks to Cinthia and all her team who captured beautiful moments of our wedding. "

Sandra Mercado, Wedding 07/09/16

"A very accessible and creative team, made the whole session very enjoyable and the event was very dedicated. It lends itself to realizing the ideas that you have, no matter how unusual they are, at all times it supports you so that your photos are unmatched . We decided to modify a little the package offered in the beginning, and without any problem it was adapted to our needs and tastes. "

Paola Zainos, Wedding 05/28/16

"Excellent service Cintia, you are a great professional, thank you for taking every moment and making them relive at every moment, I recommend 100% your services as well as the accessibility, trust and empathy you provide."

Belém Viji, Wedding 05/21/16

"Thank you Cinthia for all your participation to have excellent memories, you are a great professional apart from being a great person, thank you for the patient and that you continue to reap many fruits, you are highly esteemed."

Daniela Ronquillo, Wedding 05/14/16

"Excellent service, excellent photographer, excellent person, beautiful photos, super flexible. The price is very good and Cin has great ideas for the shots, always willing to listen to what one has in mind."

Mara Vázquez, Wedding 04/30/16

"Super recommendable as a person, as a photographer, very professional, you will not be disappointed. Take the best photos, capture every moment of your special day, or any occasion. Cyn, I thank you for the excellent work you did."

Elvira López, Wedding 04/23/16

"Everything was perfect, from the punctuality to the treatment and the quality of the work. Cin San is an excellent option! All my photos are beautiful and capture all the emotions that we experienced that day. I would hire your services again without hesitation."

Andrea Mendoza, Wedding 04/16/16

"Excellent attention, he understood perfectly what we wanted, we achieved very good communication and chemistry, which was reflected in the Result: perfect"

Patricia Segura, Wedding 03/19/16

“The service was excellent, Cintya more than a professional who provides a service, she behaved like a friend, helping me choose the best place and time to carry out this special event. I haven't seen the final photos yet, but I'm sure they will exceed my expectations. 100% recommended service. "

Mario Ituarte, Marriage Proposal Session 02/13/16

"Excellent! The best service and result. I recommend it a million times."

Marcela Carmona, Wedding 01/23/16

"Without a doubt he knows the work, experience and professionalism that CinsaN gives you, in addition to being an extraordinary job, it gives you an inescapable confidence without knowing it. I just don't know a person like CIN who loves his work so much."

Berenice Bravo, Wedding 11/21/15

"Excellent, totally recommended accessible and very professional, I am so happy to see our photos where she transmits all her passion and love for her work. The photos of our wedding were beautiful. Do not hesitate to hire her. She is the best option."

Monica Rivera, Wedding 11/07/15

"I'm super happy with your work! Thank you very much because you capture the best moments"

Mayra Mèrida, Wedding 03/19/15 and 1st Birthday. Añito de Cesar 09/27/15

"Accessible, professional, he does an excellent job. I love all his work."

Jatziry Bustamante, XV years 08/22/15

"Excellent wedding photographer, all our photos and video were amazing before during and after the wedding, the delivery time and the value for money is excellent. The photocall really encouraged the guests!"

Diana Cisneros, Wedding 06/06/15

"The experience with Cin was incredible, she perfectly understood the idea we wanted for the photos, she made the wedding story turn into something magical and unconventional. Also, super flexible to what we came up with, she has a great gift. I appreciate so much that you have been on this special day. "

Dulce Hernández, Wedding 03/14/15

"100% recommended, it is a young company with a lot of talent and dedication, it is flexible in its costs depending on what you are looking for and very kind in treatment and person, the incredible images. Great dedication and love for what they do that is why they know how to do it very good."

Natalia Contreras, Wedding 01/21/15

"A moment ago we saw the photos with my in-laws and what can I tell you, excellent work. Thanks again and without a doubt Cin San Photography will cover future events of the Colchado Mata family."

Antonio Colchado, Christening of Ricardo 03/14/15

"Super recommended, I loved the service and attention. The wonderful photos !!"

Adriana López, Christening 01/21/14


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